Kenbrook Solar Elmak 1Ph AC SPD with 600V DC SPD Combo (AC 1Ph + DC 600V SPD)

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Main Features:

  • The DC SPD operates at 600V DC while the AC SPD operates on 320V and is suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz AC power supply systems.
  • Built with high-quality material to provide you with complete protection.
  • The devices will respond within <25ns (nanoseconds) if there will be any disturbance in the AC or DC power supply.
  • Best-performance AC and DC SPDs with replaceable cartridges.
  • Equipped with green and red indicators for better understanding. The green light shows satisfactory operations while red indicates the time to replace the cartridge.

Please Note: These AC and DC surge protection devices require proper earthing to function. They will send the extra or high voltage to the ground via earthing and protects your solar and other appliances.