Kenbrook Solar Elmak DC SPD 1000V 3 Pole Surge Protection Device (1000V 3 Pole)

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Main Features:

► Surge Protection Device (SPD) 1000V DC 3 Pole

► Easy to replace

►Quick Response Time < 25 ns

►DIN Rail Mountable

►No obvious shock and vibration

►Mainly used for DC Appliances and Protection of Electrical Appliance

►Protection: Over Current, Overheat & Lightning Protection

►Extra current it sends to Earthing


【Protection】SPD main work is to protect electric DC Appliance against transient fault supply, extra current, unwanted current, overheat, over current and extra current send to earthing.

【Indications】SPD shows the colour of operating status: Green (normal) / Red (abnormal).

【Use】SPD mainly used for protected electrical appliance and you cannot install SPD if you have not installed Earthing.

【Easy to Use】SPD full form is Surge Protection Device. It is Pluggable Design that is very easy to replace. You cannot install SPD if you have not installed Earthning and SPD sends extra currant to Earthing.

【Why to Install SPD】The unique weather makes the solar power plant vulnerable to overvoltage surges from lightning strikes and static discharges. The greater challenge is to protect these installations from direct and indirect lightning strikes that present a high risk of damage. SPD are especially designed for DC or Solar Application and AC appliance also.

【Reason to Install SPD】To prevent high power from passing through the electronics appliances and causing high voltage damage to the PV system, the SPD must have installed. To do this, all conductive surfaces must be directly grounded and all wiring entering and exiting the system (such as Ethernet cables and AC mains) must be connected to ground via a surge protection device. SPD cuts the unwanted or extra current from any appliance.

Technical Details

Particulars Description
Max VOC 1000 VDC
Pole 3P
Quick Response Time < 25 ns
Nominal Discharge Current In (8/20) 20KA
Maximum Discharge Current (8/20s) 40KA
Voltage Protection Level Up 2.8KV
Certification IEC61643-1
Wiring Capacity Hard Wire 4~25 mm
Flexible Wire  4~16 mm²
Stripping Length 10 mm
Torque Main Circuit 3. 5 Nm
Protection Class All Profile IP40; Connection Port IP20
Ambient temperature  -30 degree C to 70 degree C
Installation Environment No obvious shock and vibration
Dimensions (W**H* D) 36 x 90 x 67. 6 mm
Weight  450g

Special Features

  • Maximum VOC 1000V DC
  • Its quick response time is < 25 ns
  • Torque Main Circuit 3. 5 Nm
  • Rated short circuit breaking capacity: 20-40 kA
  • Protection Overheat, over current
  • Mainly used for DC Appliance and Protection of Electrical Appliance
  • Lightning Protection
  • Unwanted, Overheats &Over Current Protection
  • Extra current send to Earthing
  • SPD – Surge Protection Device
  • Pluggable Design – Easy to replace
  • DIN Rail Mountable
  • Pole: 3P
  • You cannot install SPD if you have not installed Earthing

Additional information

Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 2 in


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