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About solar energy

Solar power is produced by converting sunlight energy into electricity. The electricity we can use in our homes, streets, business etc. It creates less impact on the environment as it does not create any pollution which is caused by other fossil fuels. Solar energy is a never ending resource of the power. This energy can be collected and converted into useful energy with the help of photo-voltaic or solar thermal collector. Solar is the fastest developing and the cheapest source of energy with greater benefits.

No maintenance is required in the solar panel. Solar panel cleaning kit is recommended for cleaning solar panel. Solar energy does not require any cost in production. It does not cause any harm to the environment as it is eco-friendly. Solar energy is renewable resource as it consumes power from sun and sun is a natural energy source.

Solar system for home
Solar energy system for home

Financial benefit

Solar panel comes with a long warranty of 25 years which means a long facility of the free power generation of the solar energy.  Free of the power generation means less use of the commercial electricity and it results in reduction of the electricity bill . It procures very low maintenance cost as it only demands to be cleaned once in the specific year. The energy is produced from sunlight and it is a renewable source of energy which could never last forever.

Hence the cost of the solar energy is one time investment and totally worth it. So the solar energy has the maximum financial benefit and less of the losses.

Solar Power
Solar Power


Return on investment

As on the time of purchasing of solar panel we have to pay the high cost . It is one time investment only as the solar panel comes with the warranty of 25 years. So with a long warranty it will produce solar energy for long time. The surplus electricity after completing the needs of household the electricity is returned to the electricity grid .

Maintenance cost

With solar panel the warranty is offered by the panel distributors. The warranty lasts up to a long time that means the minimum maintenance cost of the solar panel and the longer the energy will be produced.  Only inverter needs replacement from 5 to 10 years. The only necessity is to clean the solar panel regularly.

Less electricity bills

Solar panel helps in reducing the energy consumption. By storing energy through solar panels home owners need not to use commercial sold electricity. By using stored energy when electricity bills are high, more bills can be saved. There is also chance of earning if more electricity is produced and less is used than the extra can be sent to the electricity grid.

Photovolatic solar system
Photovolatic solar power system

Environment Benefits of solar energy

Renewable source of energy

 The energy produced from solar panel is renewable as it takes power from sun and sun is the unlimited source of energy.  And according to scientists the sun will continue to give energy up to 5 billion more years so it is just beyond the imagination.

Pollution Free & Clean Energy

As the solar energy is produced from sunlight and sunlight is a natural resource it does not cause any pollution in the environment on the other hand if we talk about fossil fuels they create lot of the pollution . The solar energy production does not create any noise while working which is one of the major benefit for the environment. And further it does not produce greenhouse gases which do not affect the water.

Hence, it requires very low maintenance cost like less water as compared to other sources of energy. It is very profitable at every field.

And further it also helps in reducing electricity bills which is good for the owner.

Environment friendly

Solar energy is very eco-friendly by nature as it is not produce by any harmful gasses which could effect the environment. There is no green house gas produced as the energy is taken from the direct sunlight not from burning of fossil fuels.

Solar power
Solar power


Other Benefits of Solar

Connects to the electricity grid

It can be connected to the electricity grid. In case of surplus production of electricity the saved electricity is sold to the govt. It is beneficial for govt also and for the seller also.

Solar energy is applicable everywhere

Solar energy can be produced everywhere where the sunlight can reach. It is more useful to those regions where the electricity cannot reach . The people with no access to electricity are benefited.

So the solar panels could be installed in those to develop the lives of millions of people. Moreover nowadays solar energy is used everywhere like on boats, spacecrafts etc .