DC Fuse 1000V 15A with Fuse Holder 1000V 30A (5+5 Set)

 999.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

* 5 set DC Fuse with Holder

* UL Approved

* 1 Piece Fuse Rating – 1000VDC 15Amp

* 1 Piece Fuse Holder Rating – 1000VDC 30Amp

* Fuse Holder Wire Range – 1 to 10 sq mm

* Widely used in DCDB and AJB of solar and other DC applications

* Package Include – 5 Piece DC Fuse and 5 Piece Fuse Holder


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About Prodcut】 DC Fuse rating is 15AMP 1000V and Fuse Holder is 30V 1000V used to protect your panels, inverters/battery from shorts circuits and over current for more than 15A.

Fuse】The fuse link is capable of interrupting the low over current associated with faulted PV (reverse current, multi-array fault) string arrays. Fuse link is made of pure silver encapsulated in a melt tube made of low tin welding and high strength and fuse tube filled with high pure quartz sand chemically as the arc medium. The fuse body is connected to the contact terminals by spot welding.

Fuse Holder】 Fuse holder is made by special plastic fitted with contacts and consists of fusion pieces. Fuse has a compact and convenient device, use for safety. DC fuses made accord with UL248-1 standard. DC fuse designed to use for solar power system.

Uses】It is an electrical protection device that serves to provide over current protection of an electrical circuit. Fuse is essential component is a metal wire or strip that melts when too much current is passed, so that it can stop or obstruct the current. Kenbrook Solar DC fuses have been used as essential safety devices.

Protection】When highly current flows then DC fuse opens or break the circuit. It protects from short circuit, overloading, mismatched load, or device failure is major or some cause of fuse operation.

Easy Replacement】If fuse burn, you can easily replace it yourself. It is a sacrificial tool, once a fuse is in operation it is an open circuit, and must be replace

Special Features

Particulars Description
Fuse Rating 1000VDC 15Amp
Fuse Holder Rated 1000VDC 30Amp
Wire Connection 2 .5 to 10 sq mm
Working Temperature -30~+70
Altitude (m) ≤ 2000
Relative Humidity ≤ 95%
Made according to IEC60269-1
Most high power consumption 3.5W
Protection Class/Degree IP20
Time Constant 1-3ms
Fuse Rating Breaking Capacity DC 33kA
Made according IEC60269-1
Holder Dimension 22x66x 96 mm
Fuse Dimension 10x38mm
Fuse weight 12g
Fuse holder Weight 50g


Kenbrook Solar

Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in


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