Kenbrook Solar SLFC DC Fuse 1000V 15A 5 Piece

 999.00 (Inclusive of All Taxes)

* 1 Piece Fuse Capacity – 15 amp 1000V DC

* Total 5 set of DC Fuse 15A 1000V

* Widely Used in DC Applications

* Used in ACDB & DCDB Box

Package Include 5 Piece of DC Fuse 1000VDC 15AMP

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About Product :This is 15AMP 1000V solar DC fuse, used to protect your solar panels, inverters/battery from shorts circuits and over current for more than 15A. This is set of 5 piece at best price.

Protection】A fuse is an electric / electronic device which is used to protects electric devices from short circuit, overloading, mismatched load, or device failure, or a major cause of fuse operation.

【Uses】 It is a sacrificial tool, once a fuse is in operation it is an open circuit, and must be replaced or reconnected depending on its type. Kenbrook Solar VDC fuses have been used as essential safety devices since the early days.

【Working】The fuse works begins when the circuit current is high enough to heat the fuse element and melt it. Once melting start, a gap is created through which current will flow in an “arc”. The melting continues and the gap widens until it becomes too wide to sustain the arc. At that point, current stops flowing and the over current event is “cleared”, opening and protecting the circuit.

Technical Specification

This Technical specification of 1 piece solar DC fuse.

Particulars Description
Product 1000V 15 Amp Fuse 5 Pieces
Usage/Application Solar Panel, DCDB, ACDB Box, Other DC Applications
Brand Kenbrook Solar
Rated Current 15A
Rated Voltage 1000VDC
Rated breaking capacity DC 33kA
Connection 2.5sq mm to  10 sq mm
Made according IEC60269-1
Working Temperature 30 to 70C
Relative Humidity 95%
Max high power consumption 3.5 W
Weight 70g
Fuse size 10*38 mm
Dimensions ( W x H x L )  18 x 60 x 78 mm


  • Low fault current interruption capability
  • Durable Construction for enhanced system longevity
  • Temperature cycle withstand capability
  • Guaranteed operation at temperature extremes
  • Globally accepted



  • All photovoltaic systems
  • Battery charge controllers
  • Inverters
  • In line PV module protection
  • Combiner box applications


Kenbrook Solar

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Dimensions 7 × 4 × 2 in


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